Common Questions

Each of us is on a journey of discovery, and so often we stop along the same points on the journey. Below are articles focused on answering some of the common questions that come up in the journey of searching for God.

How can I be Jewish and believe in Jesus?

A lot of people wonder how can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus? I mean the two don’t go together. But you see, that question is a smoke screen. That’s not even the right question. You need the right question to get the right answer. And the question is not, ‘How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus?’ the question is, ‘Who is Jesus?’ If, in fact, He is the Jewish Messiah, then you’re really saying to me, “How can I be Jewish and believe in the Jewish Messiah?” You see what I’m saying? So, in these articles let’s examine the true question: Who is Jesus?

How Can I Get to Know Jesus?

So now you want to know how to know this Jesus. How you can have your own intimacy with God. The Torah says, ‘Your sins have separated you from your God.’ And as a result of this separation from God you have to remove your sins so that you can be united with God…

How Can You Be Sure Jesus is the Jewish Messiah?

I come from a good orthodox Jewish upbringing: I was Bar Mitzvah’d, I went to the synagogue. Although I knew the basic Bible stories, I really didn’t know the Tenakh, the Jewish scriptures. So I started reading for the first time. I started thinking for myself. And, I’ll tell you, I was so amazed with what was in there…

Judaism Doesn’t Believe in Two Comings of the Messiah

If you think that, that means you just don’t understand Judaism. You see, when Jesus came to Earth the rabbis came up with a lot of prejudicial arguments as to why Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah. However, before Jesus came to Earth the rabbis didn’t have this prejudice. They studied the scriptures, the ancient prophecies and it looked to them as if there were two different messiahs…

Jewish People Don’t Believe in the New Covenant

Have you ever heard that or thought that? That’s because Jewish people don’t know what’s in the Jewish scriptures…

What Happens to Jewish People Who Don’t Believe in Jesus?

Do they go to hell? That’s a question a lot of people want to know.

Israel is Your Inheritance

Israel is on the Rise
In June 2009 Israel was officially upgraded from an “emerging” to a “developed” economy (highest rank), with a standard of living comparable to many European countries. The Israel Shekel is now one of the world’s most stable currencies, fully tradeable on international exchanges. Israel is a hi-tech superpower, ranked by some as #2 in the world. Israel’s military was recently ranked as #3 in the world in “combat strength.” At 60-plus years old, Israel has the largest Jewish population in the world, with more than one-third of the world’s Jews now living there.

America is on the Decline

The economy of the U.S. is in serious structural decline. Moral and social standards are in freefall. The dollar is falling and asset values are eroding. Anti-Semitism is increasing. As in Europe, Islam in the U.S. is gaining strength rapidly. The sense of a strong, secure America is fading. You can feel there’s been a change.

Israel Needs the American Jews
On September 9, 2001, Moshe Katzav—then President of Israel—called for “one million immigrants from European and American countries.” Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said in 2002: “Immigration is the true solution to Israel’s security and economic problems. It is a holy work….”

God Wants YOU to Come Home
“Thus saith the Lord GOD; ‘I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.’” Similar statements about “Aliyah”—the return of the Jewish people to their Land from all the nations where they have been scattered—occur over 60 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.

America may be your birthplace, but Israel is your inheritance!

Why God?

How would you like to have five minutes of intimate dialogue with God?

What questions might you ask Him? Why do you allow cancer? Why do you allow war? Why don’t you put an end to starvation? Why did you allow the Holocaust to occur? What happens when we die? Why are some people wealthy while others are poor?

Searching for Deeper Answers?

The following articles will give you key information to
consider in your search for something more. May God give
you understanding of His truth.

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