Your First 40 Days as a Follower of Jesus

Welcome to the Kingdom of God. Your decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior changes everything. You have been born again. You have now been separated from your sin. Your very name has been written into the Lamb’s Book of Life. You have entered into an everlasting life as a child of the living God. This is cause for great celebration in Heaven and on earth.


The articles below will help you on your journey of discovering your new life with Jesus.


Jesus came to earth as God’s way of demonstrating that He longs to be close to His creation. There is nothing more satisfying than getting to know the love of God. Each day brings the promise of fresh fulfillment with His joy. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

The reason for your first birth has been fulfilled—you have come to know God. Just as a newborn baby has unique needs, so does a newborn believer in our Lord Jesus. This is your opportunity to start your new life by learning how to daily walk with our Messiah.

We invite you to make My First 40 Days With the Lord a personal record of your new beginning with the Lord. This will be a lifelong journey of discovering the depth of your Father’s love for all people.

The Word of God has been given to us as a blueprint for living. Within the Bible’s pages you will find unending treasures. May this book be your companion as you grow in faith and study the Holy Scriptures.

Many new believers start their Bible reading with the Book of John. Within, you will be able to acquaint yourself with some of the best-known verses from John’s Gospel and see how they are intertwined with each of the books of the Jewish Scriptures. Our desire is for you to gain both an appreciation for the roots of our faith and revelations of God’s design.

We encourage you to carve out a few minutes each day when you can sit quietly and enjoy the presence of our Lord. You will swiftly discover that He awaits you, always.


Day 1 - In the Beginning

No one knows more about beginnings than the Creator of the universe. Beginnings determine our purpose and our goals. The Book of John tells us that, “In the beginning,” the spo­ken Word of God became a living being.

Day 2 - The Coming of the Lord

Reflections on the coming of the Messiah.

Day 3 - The Voice in the Wilderness

Who was preparing the way for the Lord?

Day 4 - The Lamb of God

Could the “Lamb of God” be a person?

Day 5 - Follow the Lord

Understanding the call of a disciple.

Day 6 - Three Days

Reflections on Jesus’ resurrection.

Day 7 - A New Covenant

Understanding the covenants of God.

Day 8 - Salvation

Contemplating God’s love and promises.

Day 9 - Thirsting for God

Understanding the concept of “living water”.

Day 10 - Signs and Wonders

A look at how God builds our faith through miracles.

Day 11 - The Father's Love

Understanding how God loves us as His own children.

Day 12 - God Reveals Himself

Reflecting on God showing us who He is through the Scriptures.

Day 13 - What Do You Have to Offer?

Contemplate what you can give to God.

Day 14 - Bread and Blood

Understanding Jesus’ offer of eternal life.

Day 15 - Righteousness

Learning to live right lives before God.

Day 16 - Listen to the Prophet

Considering the promises of God.

Day 17 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Finding true freedom.

Day 18 - Living by Faith

Learning to trust God as we walk this lifestyle.

Day 19 - I Am the Light of the World

Seeing Jesus as the light in our lives.

Day 20 - The Good Shepherd

Understanding God’s kindness towards His children.

Day 21 - The Resurrection and the Life

Understanding eternal life after death.

Day 22 - Raised from the Dead

Understanding what it means to overcome death.

Day 23 - The Coming King

Seeing Jesus as the humble king.

Day 24 - To Everything There Is a Season

Consider God’s plans for your life.

Day 25 - Sitting at His Feet

Understanding how Jesus cleans up our lives.

Day 26 - That You Love One Another

Learning to love each other.

Day 27 - Preparing a Place for You

Seeing how Jesus knows our present and future.

Day 28 - Abiding in God's House

Seeing our source of life in Jesus.

Day 29 - The Reason for Love

Understanding God’s love for us.

Day 30 - Dealing With Rejection

Learning to stand when we aren’t accepted.

Day 31 - Getting Upset with God

Processing our frustrations with the Almighty.

Day 32 - Tribulation

Working through life’s difficulties with God.

Day 33 - God's Highest Calling

Seeing purpose in our life.

Day 34 - Betrayal

Processing through the difficulty of others turning on us.

Day 35 - Judging the World

Considering God’s look at the world.

Day 36 - Prophecy Fulfilled

Jesus’ suffering as fulfillment of Scripture.

Day 37 - It Is Finished

Jesus’ willing decision to die for us.

Day 38 - Our Redeemer Lives

Considering Jesus’ victory over death.

Day 39 - Holy Spirit With Us

Understanding how God’s presence is always a part of our lives.

Day 40 - God's Great Mercy

Understanding how God is changing you.

Continuing Your Walk with the Lord

See the path ahead.

Jewish Scriptures Summary

Understand what each book of the Jewish Scriptures is about.

New Testament Summary

Understand what each book of the New Testament is about.

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