Believing in the Power of God

Believing in the Power of God

By: David Martin

Let’s explore the specific operations of each of the gifts of the Spirit. But before we do, we are going to cover a couple more things I think will help you understand the methodology of how Yeshua operated. If you are going to follow the example of Yeshua, then you have to change the way you think.

We are going to focus on the expectation factor, which honors God, and which invites the reality of the power of God. So, we are going to start by talking about spiritual breakthrough, which is how we change the way we think. As God said to me, “You have to change the way you believe.” God gave me a vision in 1993 in which He showed me a picture of a man going through a barrier. God said to me, “You are coming into a move of my Spirit greater than has ever been seen. More signs, more wonders, more miracles, than you could ever imagine possible.” And I’ve got a big imagination! But He said, “As much as I want do this through you or with you, I can’t because your natural body—your flesh—isn’t ready.” And I asked, “How do I get my flesh, how do I get my natural body ready?” He said, “The same way Yeshua did—through prayer, fasting and self-denial.”

The fruit of this is sensitivity. Later I will talk about the Five Keys of the Supernatural. Number one is sensitivity, and that is a heart to hear the voice of God. Your inheritance is the ability to hear the voice of God, but more significantly to hear, if you will, outside the box. Yeshua did nothing except what He heard His Father say, and that is a quote from John 5:19, “Therefore Yeshua answered, and saying to them, ‘truly, truly, I say to you, the Son of Man can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever He does, these things the Son also does in like manner.’”

Now when God showed me this vision of a man going through a barrier, He said to me, “You are on the threshold of spiritual breakthrough. You are coming into a move of My Spirit, beyond anything you’ve ever seen or imagined possible, more than has ever happened before in signs, wonders and miracles.” And later He said, “The problem with you, with mankind, is you think too much like people. You are thinking with a natural mind, as opposed to thinking with the mind of the Spirit, or the mind of Messiah.”

Some years later, He showed me an illustration through a man who was sitting on the beach. God said to the man, “Look at your hand and what do you see?” And as the man looked at his hand, he said, “A grain of sand.” And God said, “I made that.” And the man said, “Well God, I know, you made everything.” And then God said to the man, “Look down the beach. What do you see?” And down the beach there was a mountain called Bird Peak Point. God said, “I made that mountain.” And the man said, “Yes God, I know you did. You made everything!” But then God said to him, “Tell me now, what do you think was more difficult for me to make? The mountain, or the grain of sand?” And the man said, “Well God that’s easy. The mountain, obviously. It is much more difficult to make than a grain of sand.” And then God said to the man, “No, it’s not true. They were both easy.”

We think something is bigger, something is smaller, but in God’s eyes, the difference isn’t there. Here’s another example. Imagine two people come forward at a meeting who need prayer, and I ask you to pray for them. One has a headache, and the other came from the hospital with an I.V. and a heart monitor and is near death. Now here’s the question, and it is a trick question: Which of these two people is going to be harder for you to heal, the one with the headache, or the one on their deathbed? The answer is, they’re both impossible for you. Neither you nor I can heal either one of these. We can give them something to relieve the pain, we can give them the doctors and medical science, but we in our natural ability can’t help either of these problems. But God.

The problem is we encounter opportunities where the gifts of the Spirit are going to operate, but we come with preconceived ideas and limitations. We have to forget about our experiences. The only experience that is important for you and me is that of the Messiah. All that is important is what He tells us we can do, or what we can’t do. And He says everything that He did, we can do, and even greater, but we get in the way. We somehow imagine we have a part in the healing. In reality all we are is the vessel.

You can play a part by being sensitive to the voice of God and being in the flow of what God is doing. That makes a big difference. When you are following the leading of the Spirit, nothing is impossible. We need to get outside of the limitation of our mind and recognize the power of God. The only qualification for operating in the supernatural and the gifts of the Spirit is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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