Who is Jesus (Yeshua)?

He is the most polarizing Jew in the history of the world. Learn more about who he is to the Jewish people.

Answers from the Jewish Perspective

If you are coming from a Jewish background, then these thought provoking videos will help to understand who Jesus is to the Jewish people.

The Messiah Explained

There is so much truth that has been withheld by well meaning Jewish leaders. There is also so much information available to us right through our own scriptures. These articles will help you to understand more on who Jesus is.

What if someone told you "You can't read this book, don't touch this book!" What is in this book that's so dangerous?

There are some books in our sacred Jewish literature that we are not allowed to read, one of which contains the story of the most famous Jewish rabbi. What is this book?

Who told you that the prophecies of the Messiah are too hard to understand?

Could it be that the Messiah has already been here? Could it be that what is written in our Hebrew Bibles is the key?

Why is this chapter in the book of Isaiah skipped?

Every year in the synagogue reading this chapter is skipped. Could it be that if you read this chapter something could change your life? What does this chapter talk about?

How is it that the innocent one was found guilty and the guilty ones were set free?

How could such an injustice happen? How could God allow this?

I had taken enough drugs for 30 people and I thought I was losing my mind...

II was going to kill myself and was spiraling out of control. Then this encounter changed everything…

Is it possible that our rabbis didn't tell us something? Why don't they talk about the most influential Jew of all time?

The most famous Jewish person that ever lived is never talked about… maybe there is something we weren’t told?

How will we recognize the real Messiah when He comes?

What signs should we look for in the real Messiah? What does Scripture teach about what to look for?

What if just one person suffered and everyone benefited?

Could God have a plan that one person’s death could give salvation to millions of people?

When I discovered the Messiah my parents sent me to the local rabbi...

How could I know what to believe unless I know Hebrew? How do you argue with a rabbi?

How is the Son of David greater than David?

Our Hebrew Scriptures show how Jesus the Messiah is the Son of God, the only one to fulfill the prophecies.

Jesus - Who is He?

Two thousand years have come and gone, but the question remains the same: Is Jesus of Nazareth the Jewish Messiah, the Savior of the world?

Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled on the Day of Jesus’ Death

Did you know that Jesus fulfilled numerous messianic prophecies on the day he died? The following is a list of messianic prophecies that were realized in him.

Can You Solve this Ancient Jewish Riddle?

This riddle from the Jewish Scriptures directly points to who the Messiah is. Can you solve it?

You will die in your sins without God’s forgiveness!

All People violate God’s laws and commandments, and God said the punishment for violating His commandments is Eternal separation from God…

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