How is the Son of David greater than David?

It was amazing! It was a fascinating discussion. One of the most fascinating discussions ever recorded in Jewish literature. There was one man, a teacher, that people called rabbi, and everybody was following him. And there were the other religious leaders. They had studied, they were the scholars, they were the teachers of the day and this rabbi said to them, “The Messiah, whose Son will He be?” And they said, “He’ll be the Son of David, Mashiach ben David. Messiah, son of David.” And this rabbi said to them, “Well how is it written, Psalm 110, that David says about Mashiach, about Messiah, that Hashem God, says to my Lord, my Master, the Messiah. How can David call Him my Lord, Adoni, my Master, if He’s David’s Son?” You say, “Who was this rabbi?” He was a rabbi named Yeshua.

And He was, through His mother, the Son of David. But, through His Father, God, He was literally the Son of God. And He was explaining that the Messiah that we’re waiting for was not just the Son of David, ben David, He was also greater than David. Yes, Mashiach, according to the Psalms God says, “You are My Son, today I’ve given You birth.” So, hang on. Are you telling me then that the Messiah is God’s Son and David’s Son? Yes! That’s what’s written in our Tanakh. In fact, it says that He’ll even be called El-Gibbor, mighty God, because Mashiach will carry the very character and nature and presence of God in His own life. So, He will be the Son of David and He will be greater than David. How? Because He’s born of man and He’s born of God. He’s the Son of God and He’s the Son of David. And this is found in our Hebrew Scriptures.

You say, “It’s in the bible that we should believe that Mashiach is also the Son of God?” Yes! You say, “It’s in our bible that we should believe that Yeshua, Jesus is really the Mashiach?” Yes, He’s the only one who fulfills the prophecies. He’s the only one who came when He was expected to come, who died as He was expected to die, who rose from the dead as the prophets declared, raised up on the third day, who has become famous in the nations even though we Jews haven’t recognized Him. And He will come at the end of the age when we Jewish people recognize Him as our King. Find out more about Jesus, Yeshua. It is the best kept secret in the entire Jewish world. Find out the truth. Son of God, Son of David, our Messiah.

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