What if someone told you "You can't read this book, don't touch this book!" What is in this book that's so dangerous?

What if someone told you, you can’t read this book. No, no, no! You can’t read this book. Don’t touch this book. If I were you, I’d be curious about it. What is it that’s in this book that you don’t want me to know? What is it that’s in this book that’s so dangerous? What is it that’s in this book that I can’t see it and I can’t read it for myself? Do you know it’s in our sacred Jewish literature that there are some books that we cannot read? Do you know that one of these books tells the story of a famous Jewish rabbi? In fact, the most famous Jewish rabbi of all time?

But, we’re told we’re not allowed to read this book and if we read this book then we don’t have a portion in Olam Ha-ba, in the world to come. Do you know this book tells the story about this rabbi who was rejected by the leaders of his day because he was a threat to the religious system? Did you know that this book tells you how you can receive eternal life?

Do you know that this book is Jewish from beginning to end? You say, then, then, then why don’t the rabbis want me to read the book? Could it be there’s something in this book when you read it your eyes will be opened? Could it be when you read this book you realize that you can have access direct to God and that you don’t need to go to a synagogue to find God; you can find God right where you are? You know the book I’m talking about? It’s a Jewish book called the Brit Chadash. The New Testament. The New Covenant writings.

You say, “Isn’t that for the church? Isn’t that Catholic? Isn’t that for the goyim, for the gentiles?” No! It’s a Jewish book from beginning to end and it’s about Jewish people and it’s about a Jewish rabbi name Jesus, Yeshua, the Messiah. Maybe you heard Him called Yeshu, but He’s the most famous rabbi who ever lived. And when you read this book you’ll make an amazing discovery.

First, no rabbi ever taught the way this rabbi taught. Your eyes will be opened in ways you never knew before. And He cuts right down to the bottom line and talks about your need for God. And you know what He says? It’s not so much about how much you pray and strive and try and ‘I’m going to find God.’ He came looking for you! He said He came to seek and save the lost and you know the most amazing thing of all? Because we sin, because we were disobedient, because we didn’t do the will of God we should all die because of it, but instead He died and took our place.

It’s an amazing story. It’s all written in the pages of this book. Read the Brit Chadash for yourself. I challenge you to do it.

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