Day 14 - Bread and Blood

Day 14 – Bread and Blood

JOHN 6:48-54

“I am the bread of life. Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which a man may eat and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. This bread is My flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”

Then the Jews began to argue sharply among themselves, “How can this man give us His flesh to eat?”

Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and

drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day” (John 6:48-54).

Jesus makes some radical declarations. He lik­ens Himself to heavenly bread and says that Heaven is His home. He tells His followers that they must eat this bread that is His flesh. Then He goes farther, saying that if we don’t drink His blood, then we are as good as dead. Then He caps it off by promising eternal life to anyone who will eat His flesh and drink His blood!


  1. Who is the bread of life?
  2. What does it mean to be living bread?
  3. Does Jesus literally want us to eat His flesh and drink His blood?
  4. How can eating flesh and drinking blood give us eternal life?



For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atone­ment for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life

(Leviticus 17:11).

God reveals a portion of His supernatural design. Life is in the blood! When blood is shed, life is poured out. When sacrificial blood is poured upon an altar, the Lord counts this as atonement. This is God’s way of allowing us to make amends for our mistakes and failures.


  1. Is this really possible? Can a sacrifice cover our sins?
  2. Why would Jewish people object to Jesus asking them to eat His flesh or drink His blood?
  3. Can you understand the dilemma that faces Jewish people when believers in Jesus take communion?


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