How will we recognize the real Messiah when He comes?

So how are we going to recognize the Messiah when He comes? We’ve had all kinds of false Messiahs in our history. How will we recognize when the real Mashiach comes?

Well, if you ask the rabbis they’ll say there are a number of tests. First, the real Messiah will rebuild the temple. The real Messiah will regather the Jewish exiles back to the land. The real Messiah will teach us all to observe the Torah. The real Messiah will fight the wars of the Lord and defeat our enemies. The real Messiah will establish perfect peace on the Earth. And when that happens then we know He’s the real Messiah. Anybody before that, oh, he’s not the real deal.

Oh, but hang on. What if that’s only part of the description? What if in our scriptures and our sacred scriptures, ‘cause that’s a source, that’s what I have to go back to. I respect the rabbis, but I’ve got to go back to the Bible. What if that’s part two? What if there’s a part one? Well there is! Do you know right within our scriptures it tells us that the Mashiach has to come before the second temple’s destroyed?

And you know what else it tells us? It tells us that when he comes the first time he won’t come in a great big way in the clouds of Heaven. He’ll come lowly and riding on a donkey. You know that’s in our scriptures. You know what else it says? That He’s going to be rejected by our people. That we’re not going to recognize Him. And it’s going to look like His work is in vain because His own people don’t recognize Him. But you know what else it says? This is all in our Hebrew Bible. It says also that the nations, the goyim, they will recognize Him.

So, who is this person? He had to come about 2,000 years ago. He had to be rejected by His own people and yet be received by the nations all around the entire world. Oh! There’s only one possible candidate. He’s the most famous Jew who ever lived. The most influential rabbi of all time. The one who did what Mashiach had to do the first time around. He’s the one that’s going to do the rest when he returns. Who am I talking about? Jesus, Yeshu, Yeshua, our Messiah. It’s in our bible that we wouldn’t recognize Him the first time around. And you know when He’ll return? When we recognize Him. When we cry out the way the prophets say. When we look to the one that we’ve pierced and rejected. Then He’ll return for us. My friend, here’s the good news: You don’t need to wait another day.

The Messiah, Jesus, Yeshua died in your place. Died in my place. So we can be in right relationship with God. Study the scriptures. Maybe the rabbis didn’t tell you everything.

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