Is it possible that our rabbis didn't tell us something? Why don't they talk about the most influential Jew of all time?

“Did you ever learn something in school and then as you got older, you studied more and you realized, wow, there’s more to the story? They didn’t tell me everything in school. I need to study this out for myself. You know it’s the same thing with our faith in God. It’s the same thing with being Jewish. It’s the same thing with Judaism. Maybe we were raised in a certain tradition. Maybe we were taught certain things by the rabbis. Maybe they’re sincere and good men. But maybe there’s something they didn’t tell us.

You know, the most famous rabbi who ever lived, many Jews in Israel don’t even know how to pronounce His name. He is the most influential Jew of all time. His Hebrew name was Yeshua. His mother’s name was Miriam. But, we don’t even know how to pronounce His name today. People call Him Yeshu instead or they know Him as Jesus, but He was a rabbi named Yeshua. And when He came, He came as Mashiach; He came as our Messiah. You say, “Yeah, yeah, but Jews don’t believe in Jesus, and that’s for the others. That’s for the Christians. That’s for the Catholics. That’s for the goyim. We don’t believe in Him.”

Maybe there’s something that you weren’t told. Maybe there’s something that’s missing in the story. Did you know the only ones that followed Him in the beginning were Jews? That’s right. He was a rabbi not a reverend. His mother was named Miriam.

His talmidim, His followers, they were people like Yohhanan and Yehudah, and Ya’aqov. In fact, when He came He said, “I didn’t come to abolish the scriptures. I didn’t come to abolish the Torah. I came to fulfill it.” You know what’s really fascinating. Forty years after He died the temple was destroyed. And we haven’t had any blood sacrifices ever since. This was a big part. Every single day blood sacrifices. And Yom Kippur, blood sacrifices for forgiveness. We haven’t had those for 2000 years. Do you know why? Because Yeshua came and He fulfilled their purpose and He took our place dying for us. And then rising from the dead to bring every one of us in to a right relationship with God.

The fact is Jesus, Yeshua, is for Jews. He’s for Jews first. And it’s even written in the Messianic scriptures, the New Covenant scriptures, that the good news about Yeshua, Messiah, is first for the Jews and then for the gentiles. Why should the gentiles get to enjoy the blessings of Messiah when He came first for us? Why should the gentiles get to enjoy forgiveness of sins as a free gift from God when He came first for us?

My friend, you haven’t been told the truth. Yeshua, Jesus, He’s our Messiah. And He came for you, for me, for the Jew first.”

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